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How to Renew a Passport?

To apply for a replacement passport, you must have owned one. Applying for a replacement passport is a bit easier than the first time. You are familiar with the process and the options to process your application. So, we have put together this guide to help with the process.

Replacing an Expired Passport

You can start the process of replacing a passport before it expires. If your passport has less than six months before it expires, it is best to replace if you plan to travel soon. Many countries have a rule known as Six-month Validity. If your passport doesn’t have more than six months validity, you will be denied entry.

To apply for a replacement, complete Form DS-82: U.S. Passport Application for Eligible Individuals. There are conditions to using this form to replace a passport. Here are some of these conditions that apply:

  • Use this form if your passport will expire or expired less than five years
  • You still possess the passport
  • The passport is not damaged, lost or stolen
  • You did not change your name

Replacing a Lost or Stolen Passport

To replace a lost or stolen passport, you must report it by completing Form DS-64: Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen U.S. Passport Book or Card. Along with this form, complete Form DS-11. Both forms are required to get a replacement passport.

Once a passport is reported lost or stolen and is found, it is invalid and cannot be used. Even if the passport has enough time before it expired, it cannot be used. The best thing to do is destroy it or keep it in a safe place. The last thing you want is for someone to steal your identity.

To get any form, you can download it from the internet or get a copy form an accepting facility. You can submit your application yourself by mailing it or present it at any accepting location.

Documents to Submit for a Replacement Passport

When you apply for a replacement, you must submit your supporting documents with the form. The application package must include:

  • Completed DS-82
  • Two passport size photos
  • Expired passport or soon to be
  • Application fee (varies according to processing options)

Once you provide these documents, you can choose a processing type available.

Passport Processing Options

The Normal Process

There are different options when it comes to getting an application process. Most applicants who are not in a rush for a new passport will mail the application at a post office. Submitting the papers at the post office is also an option. Other facilities that will accept the documents are the county clerk’s offices, courthouses, and public libraries.

Expediting Process

By using any of these places, the processing time is between 4-6 weeks. However, the post office also offers expediting service. With accelerating service, the processing moves faster but cost an additional fee, $60. It will now take 2-3 weeks to get a new passport.

Rush Process

For emergencies that require traveling abroad in a short time, use a private expeditor or a regional agency. Regional agencies require an appointment before going. You can call the National Passport Information Center to get one. At the agency, you will pay one flat fee since it only offers a 24-hour service.

Private expeditors services are a little different. With a private expeditor, you can have a passport anytime between a day and up to two weeks. The cost varies, and it goes according to the service you need.


Once you can provide all the documents and fee to get a replacement, you will have it in no time. Keep in mind there are many services available to get your travel document. How soon you will need to travel will determine how much you will pay. The best advice is to get a replacement before or just after your passport expires. If you do, you will pay the least for a replacement passport.

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