Forms & Documents

There are forms and documents required to complete the process to get a passport. To identify which form you will need, browse this website and will get the information. You will also get to download the form you will need and complete it or complete it online, and then you get to print it out. Attached to each form, you will find instructions on how to complete the form. For a minor, the parents or guardians must provide their proof of identity and any other documents suggested by the instructions. Without the appropriate forms or documents, your application will get rejected.


There are a variety of application forms available online or in passport acceptance facilities for applicants. You will select a specific application if you are an adult and applying for the first time. Or, if you are re-applying to replace an expired, lost, stolen, or damaged passport. For a minor, a specific application should be submitted if one parent is absent at the time of submission, cannot be found, nowhere to be seen, deceased, or incarcerated. Here is a list of forms to complete. You may use only the form or forms necessary to get a passport.

DS-11 Application Form for a New Passport. DS-11 is used by both adults and minors applying for a passport for the first time. You may use the form if you owned a passport before and it expired more than five years. Complete the form and submit it with the supporting documents and fee. You can download it and complete it manually with a black ink pen or complete it online then print it. Do not sign the form until you are in front of an acceptance agent. Retrieve the DS-11 here.

DS-64 Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen U.S. Passport Book and or Card.  The moment you realize your passport is missing is the best time to report it missing. Saying it missing will alert the State Department which then a hold will be placed on it. To report your passport missing, complete Form DS-64 and submit it. If your passport was valid at the time it went missing; you should complete DS-64 only. However, if your passport went missing, you did not report it and many years pass since, and now it expired, you must complete DS-11 as well. If you will mail your application, complete and sign your form. Retrieve the DS-64 here.

DS-82 U.S. Passport Renewal Application. DS-82 is used to renew an expired passport. It must be completed by an adult and not a minor who needs a new passport. Since a minor’s passport is valid for five years, it is not eligible for renewal. If your passport expired for more than five years, you must complete DS-11 only. Form DS-82 is only necessary if your passport is about to be expired, expired, or expired less than five years. Retrieve DS-82 here.

DS-10 Birth Affidavit. Form DS-10 is used for individuals who are unable to provide their original copy of a birth certificate. The form must be accompanied by a photocopy of the front and back of the applicant’s identification. When completing the form, do not sign it until you are in front of an acceptance agent. Retrieve DS-10 here.

DS-2029 Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad. American citizens born abroad complete this form. If the form is for a minor, parents or guardians must complete a portion of it. To request a Report of Birth Abroad, you must submit specific documents with the form. A list of these documents is attached to the form. Without these documents, your application will not be processed. Retrieve the DS-2029 here.

DS-3053 Statement of Consent. Form DS-3053 is completed by the absent parent or guardian granting consent for the minor to get a passport. The form must be notarized. Also, when completing DS-3053, do not sign it until you are in front of the notary. Without this form, the minor will not be eligible to get a passport. Form DS-11 must also be submitted with a DS-3053 at the time you apply. Retrieve DS-3053 here.

DS-5504 Corrections and Name Change within 1 Year of Passport Issuance. Complete this form if you change your name legally and within one year or need corrections on your passport. The result of a name change can be from marriage, divorce, or an adoption.  Or, if you prefer a different name than your birth name and change it legally, you can request a new passport. If you held a passport, you must submit it with the form. Retrieve the DS-5504 here.

DS-5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances. Form DS-5525 is another form used to get a minor’s passport. For instance, if one parent or guardian cannot be located, incarcerated, or deceased, complete this form. Also, if you have full/sole custody of the minor, you can complete this form. You must provide proof under any circumstances when using Form DS-5525. Retrieve DS-5525 here.


When applying for a U.S. passport, you must submit the appropriate form or forms and supporting documents. These supporting documents are used to know more about the applicant or parents/guardians if the applicant is a minor. Each form has specific information in regards to completing it and the supporting documents that must accompany the form. Here is a general list of supporting documents you must submit.

Proof of Citizenship – there are many documents you can use to prove you are a U.S. citizen. The list will differ between an adult and a minor applying for a passport. But in general, you must provide the necessary documents; original or notarized copies are accepted only. Here is the list of required documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certificate of Birth
  • Expired passport

Passport Photo – the photo must meet the requirements set by the State Department. All vendors are aware of these guidelines and will adhere to them. If you take your picture, make sure you do the same. Here are the instructions to follow:

  • One color photo
  • 2×2 inches in dimension
  • Taken within the past six months
  • White background
  • Full face with a front view
  • Do not smile
  • No eyeglasses
  • No head cover unless for religious reasons

Additional Documents – these documents are used when the applicant is a minor. Parents or guardians must provide the documents a child will not have. For example, a minor may not have a photo id issued by the state they reside. So, the parent guardian must provide a copy of their own. So, here is a list of some documents that are accepted:

  • Photocopy of parent/guardian state issued ID or driver’s license, front and back
  • Original copy of adoption documents
  • Original copy of name change documents
  • Original copy of court documents
  • Original copy of decease certificate

Over All

Once you can provide the necessary form or forms and the supporting documents, possession, your new passport will be a matter of time. The acceptance facilities you select to submit your application with now determine the cost. For standard processing time, it takes 4 to 8 weeks, and expedited can take 2 to 3 weeks. Hire an expeditor or visit a regional agency to get a passport sooner if you are in a rush and must travel sooner.