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Expedited Egypt eVisa

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Expedited Egypt eVisa Requirements

Before you apply for an Egypt eVisa, check your passport for at least one blank page and six months validity. Without have both, your application will be denied. If you meet these two requirements, proceed to complete the eVisa form.

Egypt eVisa Application

For Visa Expeditors to get an eVisa for you, you must first submit these documents:

  • a clear copy of your passport pages that includes the photo page and the signature page
  • your completed eVisa form
  • fees

Egypt eVisa Processing Time

The processing time will take between 6-7 business days. So, apply for your eVisa in advance of your trip. Once we receive your eVisa, Visa Expeditors will mail your document using our overnight delivery service.

Egypt eVisa Cost

The price you will pay for an Egpyt Tourist eVisa multiple entries will include Visa Expeditor’s service fee and the consulate or embassy fee. Visa Expeditor’s service is $45, and the consulate fee is $65. The total cost is $110 for an Egyptian eVisa. For a single entry eVisa, the total cost is $75.

Egypt eVisa Validity

You will have an option between a 30-day single entry or a 90-day multiple entries tourist eVisa. The single entrance is valid for 30 days, and the numerous entries are for 90 days. The eVisa is valid form the date issued on the visa.

Visa Expeditors eVisa Cost

Service & Fees:

Tourist  eVisa Emergency Service Express Service
Processing Days 6-7 days 10-12 days
Validity 90 days 90 days
Consular Fee $65 $65
Service Fee $149 $99
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