We encourage you to submit your documents in person or use a reliable delivery courier. By doing so, you will get your new passport or visa on time for your travels.

Delivery Process

After collecting and package your form and documents, use an overnight delivery company like FedEx or UPS to ship it. Get a tracking number so you can track your package and know when it is delivered.

When you send the papers, include a return envelope with enough postage for overnight delivery. By doing so, you will get your travel papers on time. We do not provide mailing envelopes. An additional cost will be attached to the price if we must mail your document to you.

Returning Your Document

Once we receive your passport or visa, we will send it out immediately. To avoid any delay, include your prepaid envelope with your return address. If you prefer to pick it up. We will notify you by the contact information you provide to us. Make sure you are available or have someone who can receive the document.