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Expedited Cambodia eVisa

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Expedited Cambodia eVisa Requirements

Once you have a valid passport with at least one blank page and six months validity, you can proceed to apply for a Cambodia eVisa. You can contact Visa Expeditors, and one of our expert visa agents will guide you through the process.

Cambodia eVisa Application

To apply for a Cambodia eVisa, gather these documents for the process:

  • a clear color copy of your passport that includes the page containing your photo and signature
  • a  digital copy of  your passport photo
  • your completed eVisa application form
  • fees

Cambodia eVisa Processing Time

The eVisa processing time is between 2-4 business days. So, give yourself enough time to apply to prevent any delay in the process or your trip.

Cambodia eVisa Cost

The eVisa cost includes Visa Expeditors service fee and the consulate fee. The service fee is $45, and the consulate fee is $42. Together, you will pay $87 for your Cambodia eVisa.

Cambodia eVisa Validity

You will receive a single entry eVisa that is valid for three months. The validity commences for the date of issuance. With your Evisa, you can visit  Cambodia as a tourist or to visit family. You should not exceed your stay to avoid any problems with immigration.

Visa Expeditors eVisa Cost

Service & Fees:

Tourist  eVisa Emergency Service Express Service
Processing Days 2-4 days 6-8 days
Validity 30 days 30 days
Consular Fee $42 $35
Service Fee $149 $99
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