Business Letter

A business letter is required for anyone traveling abroad for business and needs to expedite their passport application. The letter will be proof of travel which is necessary to accelerate the application process. But before you attempt to write a letter, make sure you include these details first.

Necessary Information to Include in a Business Letter

When you are writing your business letter, make sure you include these details in it. The more information provided, the likelihood you will get your visa. Include these details and qualities:

  • Type wrote on company letterhead
  • Signed by someone in authority at the company other than you
  • Include your name
  • Your job title
  • Specify the departure date
  • Include the reason for the business
  • State the country you plan to visit

Use this Sample of the Business Letter

You may use this sample as an example of how to write your business letter. Complete it by filling in the lines and make sure you include all the necessary information.

Sample Format for a Business Letter


Company Letterhead


_____________ (Date)

Consulate General of ___________ (Country)

RE: Business Letter for ____________ (Applicant’s name)


To Whom It May Concern:


Our employee ___________ (full name) will be traveling to ___________ (city or country’s name) for business on behalf of __________ (company’s name). Mr. /Mrs. __________ (last name) will be visiting ___________ (the company’s name) and meeting with __________ (name of individual or company).


Mr. /Mrs. ____________ (last name) plans to travel to ____________ (city or country’s name) on ________ (date) and stay until __________ (date).


Our company will assume full financial responsibility for Mr. /Mrs. __________ (last name) trip. We will also be financially responsible for his/her local expenses and return trip home.  Mr. / Mrs. ____________ (last name) will not remain longer than indicated nor intent to migrate to ___________ (country’s name).


If you should need any other information, please feel free to contact me at ____________ (telephone number) or _____________ (E-mail).




__________________ (signature of the other person)

(Name of the person)