About Us

Visa Expeditors is a privately owned company that provides visa and passport services to U.S. citizens and its legal residences. With many years of experience, Visa Expeditors guarantees its services and offers excellent professional customer service. Expert agents are familiar with the laws of each country; they assist customers in getting a visa. The agents know the process very well and will the document on time and as promised.

Visa Expeditors offers expedited passport application processing to U.S. citizens who need a passport sooner than two (2) weeks to travel abroad. A passport could be obtained for an adult, as well as a minor. The customer can submit his or her documents via mail by using an overnight delivery servicer like UPS or FedEx. Once a complete package is received, Visa Expeditors will do the rest.

Most visas take a few days or weeks to process before they are granted. However, with Visa Expeditors, the time will be less. In cases, a visa is obtained in a day or the next business day. Similarly, you can get an emergency passport for a short time. So, you need a visa to any of the countries we have listed on the website, speak to an agent and let Visa Expeditors get it for you. The same goes for a U.S. passport. Let the professionals do the work and have your travel document in time for your trip.